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Wedding Planning Registry Dos and Don’ts

Wedding Planning Registry Dos and Don’ts

Here are some Wedding Registry Dos and Don’ts when planning an Arizona wedding or any other states…

Holidays such as Christmas and Hannukah is here! People everywhere is running around town looking for that perfect gift for their loved ones. The same is said for when shopping a gift to a very special couple who is about to start their life together.

Planning an Arizona Wedding Entertainment Wedding Registry

Nowadays, it is a challenge to purchase a gift for the couple due to the fact that they either 1- are already living together and have all the necessities needed for their home or 2-  they’ve lived on their own, acquired items on their own and now consolidating it all together, and once again, they don’t need a lot.

This is where the wedding registry comes in handy for couples all around. especially if planning an Arizona wedding.  They can actually list what they need and want vs. guests and loved ones just buying something they may already have.  And with today’s technology, your beloved family and guests can purchase from the registry right from their fingertips.  They will be able to access most retail and department stores websites. Couples may also elect to register to a non-retail store website like Zola.com where all sorts of products can be purchased as well as guests give funds for honeymoon or cash itself.  Talk about convenience, right?

Cuisinart Small Appliance Wedding Registry

Here are the wedding registry dos and don’ts:

DO – Start your registration at least four months ahead of time to give guests and love ones enough allotment to purchase gifts.

DO – Include all price range in your registry to accommodate all budget and all types of options.

DO – Send Thank You cards immediately.  This will give the gift giver that warm and cozy feeling that they are appreciated as well as provide peace of mind the gift was received.

Arizona Wedding Planner Wedding Registry Thank You Card

DO – It’s the groom’s wedding too so make sure to have him partake in choosing the gifts.  Besides, the gifts will be both yours forever ‘til death do you part.

DON’T – It is always crass to ask for money for a wedding gift.  Let family spread the word or have financial registry like Zola.com do the work and remove the awkwardness.

DON’T – Register to more than three registries?  Nope!  Don’t even.  You are giving your guests too many options and giving yourself too much work.  Three is plenty.

DON’T – Eyeing that designer bag or that cool looking shades?  This is not the registry for that.  Remember, these gifts are to get you started on your life together.

Honeymoon Funding

DON’T – Having your gift registry printed right onto your invitation is a no, no.  Instead, opt for an insert instead along with directions, wedding website information, wedding site information, etc.

Always remember, your family and loved ones have you in their mind when buying you a gift.  They are very static in being able to help build your life together so make sure to provide them with enough information as well as options.

Need help with planning an Arizona wedding?  Make sure to contact us today!

Photo Credit:  www.zola.com; Thank You card- Wedding Paper Divas

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