Top 5 common mistakes to avoid during wedding planning

A couple of potential issues that may arise unexpectedly during a wedding are a heavy downpour especially here in Arizona during a monsoon season or even earlier throw of a tantrum before your flower girl walks down the aisle. This could be annoying right! While some of the mentioned issues could be manageable, others could not. This could directly spoil that special day for you and other invites. The day you have used so many resources planning. Planning a wedding is the most stressful part of a wedding. That is when unforeseen details crop up. It leaves most of the brides and grooms-to-be struggling with spreadsheets as well as logistics.

Although some common mistakes including booking of the photographer and planning your wedding could be a hindrance, the tips discussed herein could help you have a solid footing for a successful wedding day. Here are the top five common mistakes and how it can be avoided.

#1 Failing to hire a wedding coordinator and planner.

Some couples underestimate the power of a wedding planner and coordinator. Wedding planners should be integral in your plans. Things always add up so fast, and it could pose a significant problem if you do not have a planner managing your wedding.  We usually enhance, smooth out and make planning a fun process and also are able to plan and coordinate a wedding tailored to the bride and groom. We take care of: wedding schedule, setup, address any problem that may arise and also do some cleanups after the wedding. Wouldn’t you want that!

#2 Blowing your budget on fashion.

This is a mistake many brides make. That’s a fact. Things like the tax, shipping fees, and undergarments such as shoes, hair accessories or jewelry should be considered when budgeting. Do you have to blow your budget on the dress alone? Ensure that if your budgets stand at $2000, that does not necessarily mean you spend all that amount on the gown.

Aleiza and Sean- an Apropos Creations Wedding

#3 Poor booking of the photographer.

Let’s face it; some people prefer hiring friends instead of professionals. This does not mean your friend will make the best of photography as a pro photographer. Even on a tight budget, it is wise to hire a great photographer with experience who will take care of the biggies. Don’t you want a memorable photo session with high-quality photos and wedding portraits?

#4 Mismanagement of your vendors.

This is a very common mistake many people do. They tend to micromanage their vendors. After seeking the services of talented pros, it is wise to trust them and let them do their work. It is understood how tempting it is to control every small detail. But after talking about your wedding day vision, you need to sit back and let them get things right as qualified vendors.

Apropos Creations Planned ~ Styled ~ Coordinated

#5 Poor timing in announcing your engagement.

It could be tempting to tell people about your wedding too soon. You should not send ‘save-the-date’ cards before finalizing your guest list. Telling your inner circle, that’s okay, but don’t take it to the social media just yet. It should be done 6-8 months to your wedding day to avoid some embarrassment.

Apropos Creations Planned ~ Styled ~ Coordinated

These are just a few of the mistakes that have been made and there are so much more!  To avoid this pitfalls, I will refer back to mistake #1.  Make sure you hire a wedding planner, not just any wedding planner, hire one that is experienced and you click yet since you and the wedding planner of your choice will be working side by side from beginning to end.

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Happy Planning!