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Keep in Mind these 7 Factors When choosing your Ideal Wedding Venue for Your Special Day

What do you envision when you think about your wedding day? Where do you picture yourself getting married? Is it in a traditional wedding venue? Or is it on the beach, or in a garden, maybe an Arizona mountain backdrop ? From where do you see yourself starting this new chapter of your life with your love?

Finding a place like the one from your dreams is not difficult, especially with the breathtaking Arizona wedding venues available. Start with a clear vision, consider all important factors, shortlist your options, obtain necessary information, and make a careful selection. Yes, the process is about being pragmatic, but the result can get as dreamy as you like. Here are 7 important factors that you need to consider when choosing the perfect wedding venue for your big day.

1. The Wedding Date

The wedding date can affect the choice of venue, and vice versa may be true as well. Arizona wedding venues are more in demand on popular wedding dates, such as palindromic dates, major holidays, or dates that fall on long weekends.

If you choose a popular date, then it might limit the venue choices available to you and potentially increase costs. On the other hand, in the off-season, you’re likely to have more venue options, including stunning Arizona wedding venues, and might even get an amazing deal. However, if you’re enraptured by a specific venue, then you might have to consider moving your wedding date if the venue is not available on your chosen date.

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2. Your Guest List

The venue capacity is a significant factor to consider. But, if you don’t know your requirements, what will you assess the venue capacity against? Even if you don’t have a complete guest list, you need to know your expected guest count. The venue capacity should be just right for accommodating the number of guests you’re expecting so that your wedding vibes are warm and comforting.

3. Your Wedding Budget

What you are willing to spend on the venue will also affect the venue options available to you. Make no mistake, you can have the wedding of your dreams even in the simplest of places. All-inclusive wedding venues understandably have a higher cost than their counterparts. Draft at least a rough budget before you start the venue hunt so that it can guide your efforts.

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4. The Theme

The theme you have in mind will also influence your choice of wedding venue, especially if you don’t want to spend extra on decor. Some types of venues apply more beautifully to certain themes than others. For instance, barn wedding venues would be more suitable for a rustic, country-chic, or bohemian wedding than  hotel wedding venues with contemporary architecture.

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5. Your Priorities

Make a list of your priorities related to the wedding venue, and consider the items on this list your criteria. Your priorities will determine which wedding venue is more suitable. For instance, if you want to include your fur baby in your wedding ceremony and celebrations, you’ll have to opt for a venue that does not have a no-pets policy. If you have to perform certain rituals that hold cultural or religious significance, you’ll need a venue that can accommodate your request.

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6. Location of  Venue

Try to visit prospective Arizona venues in person with your  wedding planner like Apropos Creations, and check out the location. Ideally, the venue should have scenic surroundings. Most importantly, the venue should be easy to reach via multiple transport methods and should have ample parking place. While you’re there, also check if the venue has infrastructural facilities for accommodating the needs of the disabled and elderly guests, such as elevators, special washrooms, and wheelchair ramps.

7. Venue Terms and Conditions

Venues set terms and conditions for convenience and compliance. Ask the venue management about the regulations and restrictions before you set your heart on a venue. There may be restrictions around the ending time of parties, music volume, alcoholic beverages, external vendors, and such other aspects. Make sure you and wedding planner, if having one, asked relevant questions and received satisfactory answers in order to avoid any kind of disappointments or unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.

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Wrapping Up

The perfect wedding venue does exist. You just have to start early and look earnestly. It helps if your venue hunt is systematic and organized. Discuss priorities and considerations with your partner and the wedding planner. Once you’ve locked down the right venue, the other wedding preparations will become easier. The months will fly by, and soon you’ll find yourself enjoying your wedding celebrations and making memories at your dream venue.

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