A wedding is a glorious day and needs to be shared with your family, friends, as well as your fur babies. It is so adorable to include your dog, baby goat, cat or any of your pets in your wedding day. It is beautiful and thoughtful and there are so many great ways for you to make this work on your special day.

Couples, along with their Arizona wedding planner, have become very creative in incorporating their four- legged best friends in their wedding ceremony. Some have invented very refreshing and ingenious ideas that have in effect caused ripples and generated buzz in the social and mainstream media. From movie stars to the renowned artist to the larger celebrity sphere, they all have incorporated their pets in weddings and has gain full acceptance.

Dog as a ringbearer and having pets in your wedding

Couples have different private motivation for wanting to include pets in their wedding. Some have alluded to aesthetic reasons, others to break from the mundane while some still sighted want of adventure. But whatever the reason, there is a consensus that pets do add color and glamour to wedding photos. For this reason, you need to decide on the role the pet will play in the ceremony. Here are some creative tips you can incorporate your pet:

  • The bride can hold the pet down the aisle in place of flowers
  • The pet can be assigned the task of the ring bearer
  • It can act as flower girl escort or even become bearers of the bouquet of flowers
  • They can be included as part of the wedding vows.
  • Others have gone as far as to have their wedding cake designed to resemble images of their pets.

There is no limit on to how you accommodate your pet.

Pets in your Weddings

Animals are unpredictable so this may become a challenge when having pets in your wedding. Their temperament, especially of dogs, vary from breed to breed. It is therefore important to understand their personality. This will help avoid awkward moments that may potentially ruin your happy day.  Never try to force your pet in your wedding plans if there is a clear hint of possible disaster.

While the thought of incorporating your fur baby into your wedding is appealing, there are a number of activities, however, that you must include in your to do list. Adequate preparation and elaborate planning will make the ceremony a success.  First it would be it is advisable to take your pet for proper grooming, this may entail giving he/she a bath and trimming fur in case of a dog. Secondly, and in line with your weeding plans, you should consider making a special outfit or other wedding accessories for your pet, this will definitely create consistency in the wedding theme. Here are other undertakings you can try and discuss with your wedding planner;

  • Discuss the kind of shots you prefer with your photographer
  • Check the pet’s policy of the venue where the wedding ceremony and reception is to take place
  • Include the pet during the rehearsal to drill his/ her role to play
  • Check on the guest list whether any is allergic to any pet’s fur
  • Prepare adequate treats for the pet
  • Designate a pet- sitter.

Go ahead and have your great pets in your wedding photos to add color, glamour and love. As you make this occasion memorable, always remember to have fun while planning your wedding day!

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