Everyone knows that weddings never go exactly as planned. There are instances when someone trips over a cord, gets too much to drink, or maybe even falls into the pool. For these and countless other reasons, many wedding vendors are becoming insured. Hiring an insured vendor gives an additional peace and security that you will be covered for any misfortunes that may happen.


Insured Caterers

Your caterer will handle more than just the food at your wedding. You’ll want a vendor with liability insurance in the event that they can’t turn up or they got tied up at another wedding, because anything can happen in the hospitality industry. The more insured the vendor, the better you are in the long run with your investment. You’ll also want to ask if they have alcohol licenses and liquor liability in order to serve any wine, beer or spirits at your reception. Also make sure they are a licensed caterer, that way you know they have met all local and state health code regulations, so your reception doesn’t get shut down mid dinner.


Insured Wedding Planner

Most wedding planners will not hold professional liability insurance because they simply do not need to or are not required to. Should you require your wedding planner to have insurance? Only if the wedding you are throwing is $1 million and up. This will protect your investment and they should have no problem agreeing, seeing that they are earning 10% of that sweet budget. You may want to talk to your planner about cancellation insurance too. This will save you both if one or the other backs out mid wedding planning.


Insured Venues

Insured venues not only protect you and your deposit, but also protect your guests in attendance on the big day. This goes for accident insurance in the case of an accident involving you, your bridal party, a guest or even another vendor. Fire or flood insurance in the event of an accident that keeps you from having your wedding in the venue all together. Lastly, you want to make sure they have an alcohol and/or liquor license. This permits them to serve all those signature cocktails and gives you peace of mind during your wedding.

All of our creative partners have been personally checked and all are insured. When you work with Apropos Creations we guarantee that we’ll provide you with that additional peace of mind!