The stereotypical role of the woman planning the wedding is coming to an end as couples are getting creative and unwinding the reins of control over their wedding. It’s not all coming from just one side anymore.

Grooms are becoming more involved in the wedding planning process than ever before. Both bride and groom are incorporating characteristics from each of their personality into the wedding day creating a mix of styles. Wedding styles are ranging from standards styles like classic, casual, romantic, vintage, modern, and beach, to a pairing of styles such as romantic + bohemian, vintage + modern, classic + whimsical, casual + retro.

Recall the movie “The Bridesmaids”. How Lillian went all out with her bridal party and decorated the backyard with large figurines from Europe? Her desired theme was the bring Paris to her backyard. Take the Paris theme for instance, and turn it into a style. When you think of Paris, how does it make you feel? What does the overall idea of Paris make you think? A few things that come to mind is romantic, dreamy, old fashioned, cobble stone, architecture . . . shades of gray and lots of texture.  Incorporating elements of that theme creates a style. Does that coincide with your lifestyle and personality?

Here’s a couple of weddings I’ve photographed with distinct wedding styles:

Find out what your wedding style is, as a couple, by using these tools as a guideline:

Pinterest. Create a board full of both of your interests and decorating styles. It doesn’t need to be wedding related. This is just an idea gatherer to compare and contrast. Sit down together and think of all of the adventures you’ve had together. Trips to IKEA, vacation destinations, places you often visit, things you love doing together. Collect a bunch of images for visual cues and combine ideas to first define your lifestyle.

Online Wedding Color Wheel. Use an interactive color wheel to pin point colors you both like. If they aren’t complimentary to one another, there are a bunch of other colors that are closely related that can be substituted to appeal to both of you. Often times you’ll find a third color that ties in the other two. A third color can be brought in as an accent to make things pop or to tone down super bright colors.

iPhone. Take a look at the kinds of pictures you took over the last year or so. More likely than not, they will have a consistant style and coloring to them. When you use the camera apps, do you notice whether or not you favor one “look” or “frame” over another? Do you photograph things with a lot of red or orange in them? What is your eye attracted to? This might help you with color selection as well as choosing what style of photography you like.

Working with these tools will help you both visualize what you would like to incorporate into your wedding day and define your style. There’s nothing to limit your creativity. Enjoy the wedding planning together. Your wedding day will be filled with joined passion, love, and personality.

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