Do you have a boyfriend/ husband who is hard to buy for?  For most men (like mine), Valentine’s is just another Hallmark holiday.  Why not give him something that will make him remember Valentine’s Day special?  Make it a positive experience rather than a negative one.  Here are some ideas on what to get that special man of yours:

Is he a runner?  I call these toe shoes and they are funny looking.  I heard pros and cons about these slip ons so if your man is curious, this is the right time to purchase him one and try it out.

Does he enjoy hiking?  This gadget is perfect for your outdoor enthusiast.  This etrex by Garmin will surely assist him in hiking different trails.  It locks onto satellite signals and maintains accuracy.

Does he like to read?  Why not give him a Nook by Barnes and Noble?

A techie?  Who doesn’t know about the iPad?  Give it to the one your techie lover and he will be in love all over again.  That is if he doesn’t have it yet.

What about video games?  You can’t deny the kid in him.  Con- he will be in front of that telivision playing.  Pro- he will not be making a mess for you to clean up for hours and you know where to find him.  🙂  Gamestop will surely have the kind of game for your man, sports, RPG’s, race games and others.  Maybe get one that you and him can play together?  Now, that’s a smart move!

Whether you make him a Valentine’s dinner or get him one of the suggested items above, remember to make this day memorable as if it’s your first Valentine’s Day!!!  Enjoy it, cherish it, and claim it…

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