Top 9 Hair Tips

  1. Being a planner, I advise you to start planning for your hair at least 6 months before the wedding day. 
  2. Create an inspiration board of hairstyles that you like.
  3. Make a consultation appointment first before a trial run.  This way, you can have a talk with your hair artist about the styles that you collected and hear what he/ she has to say about them.
  4. When you are making your trial run appointment, do it in the morning.  This way, you know how your hair will last and how it will look.  If there are any concerns, make sure to let your hair artist know.  It may help to take pictures also.
  5. If you are having hair accessories like flowers, tiara, veil, clips, etc., make sure you bring these with you during the trial run.
  6. Take photos of yourself when doing the hair trial run so you know what you like and don’t like and have plenty of time to rectify it with your hair artist.
  7. Take your facial structure into great consideration.  You want to look as close to your natural look.  Your wedding day is not the day to experiment and try out other looks.
  8. Wash your hair the day before the big day.  This way, your hair will be manageable to style.
  9. Remember to wear a buttoned shirt.  Wearing a shirt that is easy to take-off will not ruin your hair and your day.

Does it make you wonder why I only posted Top 9?  That’s because I want YOU to give me a #10.  Please feel free to share any hair tips that I may have not included.