Not the Nike Air Jordans but your wedding shoes.  But if it’s Air Jordan’s you want for your wedding, well, Air Jordans it is.  Just make sure that it compliments your wedding color scheme.


Now, how does a pair of shoes become significant to a wedding?  Well, being a woman, a bride and having the best excuse to purchase another pair of shoes and no one can stop you and argue with you regardless the price well, at least reasonable price depending on what is justifiable, the shoes ranks at my top 5 important items to have for a bride.  Whew, I think I just typed all that in one breath.  So as I am observing brides, I still see a lot of the traditional whites and I am also seeing a lot of colors to match the couple’s color scheme.  So just a hint to the brides, if you have been eyeing that blue Jimmy Choo shoes that you didn’t know how to get away with buying, well let me tell you that now is the right time.  Have your wedding color in blue and yellow or whatever color combination that you want.

So, enough with the Jimmy Choo and heeled shoes…  You may want to be comfortable and opt for a pair of Converse.  They make it in all shades of colors that you should be able to find the right one.  Don’t worry if it’s not the right shade, it will blend in.  You can even have your groom and the groomsmen match your shoes which will be a very nice touch.