The Honeymooners…  Erin & David’s Adventure!
This is a new series of blog that I will be doing once a month.  It is a Q & A of a newlywed’s experience while they planned for their romantic holiday.  The goal is to give you insight and assistance with your honeymoon arrangements.
Our first honeymooners are Erin and David.  They visited Madrid, Spain and this is what they had to say about their planning…
Q:  Where did you go for your honeymoon?
A:  Madrid, Spain
Q:  What made you decide to go there?
A:  We wanted to originally go to Greece but with the turbulence at the time, Madrid was our second choice. I like the old world Latin culture so that’s what attracted me.
Q:  When you made your reservations, did you mention “honeymoon”?  Did it make a difference?
A:  We had a travel agent and she did all the arrangements so I don’t know if she mentioned it.
Q:  What did you pack for your honeymoon?
A:  We packed just the basics.  We knew we would be mostly walking, so comfortable shoes and clothes was our main wardrobe.
Q:  What should we look for in a travel agent?
A:  Experience and organization is a must when looking for a travel agent.
Q:  Should we book our honeymoon trip with a travel agent?  Why or why not?
A:  I think it depends on the trip. There were definitely things we wouldn’t have thought of if we booked it ourselves.
Q:  Having a travel agent do the booking for you, what were the things did he/ she able to help out with that you wouldn’t have thought of?
A:  She thought to book a chauffeur for the airport rides so we didn’t have to worry about the language barrier/directions. They already had the information of where we were staying.
Q:  Did you sign up for a honeymoon registry?  If not, do you wish that you did?
A:  No, we didn’t sign up for a honeymoon registry. We opted for cash as we didn’t want anything planned.
Q:  How early did you book your honeymoon?  Do you think this help?  How?
A:  It was supposed to be booked a few months before however the travel agent messed up and didn’t book until a week before.
Q:  Did you have to pay more because of your travel agent overlooking your honeymoon?
A:  I hope not but I don’t know because it was David’s parents gift for us.
Q:  Do you have any advice to give for those who are planning their honeymoons?
A:  If you go right after your wedding, plan on a relaxing honeymoon and don’t over plan.

Madrid, Spain (photo credit from Landlopers)

We hope t hat you found this bit informational and insightful.

Safe travels…

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