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The worst case scenario?  You have too many friends and can’t decide on who will be standing next to you at the altar because your bride is giving you a limit of three (a best man and two groomsmen).  These are your “boys” who have been there for you throughout your life.  They may be different stages of your life but they were there and still are.

Best Man- the choices are either your brother or your best friend.  Can’t decide because you don’t want to hurt their feelings?  Have both of them be the best man.  This is not unheard of.  This is your wedding and you do as you please.  There is no right or wrong, this wedding is about you and your bride and I have to say this but this wedding is all about your bride.  🙂

Groomsmen- One or two too many?  Not a problem.  You can use the other two as ushers.  The rule of thumb is 50 guests per usher.   

Being part of the wedding party will require your “boys” some duties and they are:

  • Show up for the rehearsal at the appointed time
  • Arrive at the ceremony before everyone else, preferably with the groom
  • Wear the assigned attire
  • Escort the guests to their seats, if required
  • Escort your bridesmaid down the aisle before and after the ceremony
  • Dance with the bridesmaid during the reception
  • Keep an eye on the groom
  • Have fun!

One of the important tasks of the groom is to acknowledge his groomsmen.  Being a part of the wedding is a privelege, yes but at the same time, it makes them have to fork out money to ensure that you, the groom, has great success before you reach that altar.  A thank you note will be appreciated and nowadays, the groom gives his men gifts.  It can be anything from cufflinks, flasks, shot glass, utility knife, money clips, etc. etc.

Now that you have a clue of who and how, the right choice will be made by you.   Have fun and enjoy!