Groom’s Cake Origin Theories:

  • In early Rome guests would scramble for fallen crumbs after the wedding cake that had been broken over the bride’s head. The cake and the crumbs were thought to bring good fortune to those who ate it.
  • In eighteenth century:
    • It was traditional to pass out small pieces of the wedding cake through a wedding ring whose owner was happily married.
    • Victorian bridesmaids would practice this ritual on the eve of the wedding and they would wrap the pieces.  On the day of the wedding, would give them out to all the unmarried women who would then place the piece of wedding cake under their pillow in order to dream about a future husband.
    • This same custom also dates back to nineteenth century Southern tradition
  • England serves as the origin of many wedding cakes:

Fruitcake was the traditional wedding cake and it was covered with fondant or marzipan icing until the middle of the nineteenth century.

  •  Fruitcake, which was the groom’s cake, was made of heavy fruit and liquor soaked which gave its shelf life and the reason why it was the one kept and eaten at the first anniversary celebration.

Groom’s Cake Facts:

  • The Groom’s Cake still retains the concept that it is a gift from the bride to her groom, a special way of honoring him and including him in wedding ritual.
  • The Groom’s Cake is a second, sometimes a simpler version of the wedding cake.
  • The groom’s cake is used for extra pieces that are packaged into tiny boxes with ribbons or into envelopes, for guests to take home and “dream on.”
  • There is a superstition that holds the notion that a bride who keeps a piece of her wedding cake will have a faithful and loving husband.
  • Today, the Groom’s Cake has become a way to honor the groom by reflecting his interests and personality and creatively decorated and shaped to show his hobby, favorite sport, alma mater or occupation.
  • Regardless of when the cake is served, may it be during the rehearsal dinner, as toast to the groom, alternate dessert with the wedding cake, or keep it to serve as a late night dessert for the wedding party and close friends; either the groom or the groom and his family should cut and serve.

The inclusion of a groom’s cake is a way to balance the scales and to include and honor the groom who might feel neglected. A Groom’s Cake is certainly not necessary, but it adds a nice touch. Regardless of what it tastes like, its design, when it’s served and who orders it, the Groom’s Cake can be one of the most delightful parts of the wedding celebration.

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