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So here you are, ready to make that next step, to move your relationship to the next level.  Congratulations!  You found that perfect someone to spend the rest of your life with.  So, now what do you do?

This month’s series of blog will be about the you, the groom, nothing more and nothing less.  This will guide and teach you on some of the basic fundamentals of what to do and what not to do, from the time that you ask her the “question” all the way to the day of the wedding.

Yes, you have to be involved in your wedding planning.  Here’s 10 reason why based on Shelly Hagen’s book titled” The Everything Groom Book, A Survival Guide for Men!”

1) Do you really want to eat nouvvelle cuisine at your wedding reception?

2) Your girlfriend is planning a fairy- tale- princess themed wedding…  and you’re the Prince Charming (tights and all).

3) You’ll appreciate everything your fiance is going through if you experience some of it first hand.

4) Your title in your fraternity was “Party-Planning Animal”.  Share the wealth, man.

5) You don’t have to shop for a dress; callling a caterer or two is easy in comparison.

6) Score huge points with the bride just for being interested.

7) You can honestly take credit for a great ceremony and reception.

eight) Eliminate the posibility of your girlfriend hiring the “Most Sensitive Band in Town”.

9) Is it really fair for your bride to be taking on all of the work?

10) It’s fun!  (No really, it is.)

From here on, you’ll learn about picking the “rock”, picking your supporters, the “stag” party, and the “Big Day”.

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