I wrote this article for The Favour Shoppe back in July and they submitted it to EzineArticles which was accepted.  I hope that it brings enlightenment to your decision if you should or should not have a choreographed first dance.

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The first dance… This is the first activity ever that you will do publicly as Mr. and Mrs. The question is “How do you want your family and guests to remember you as the newly married couple?”

There are plenty of options out there depending on your personality. If you’re the “traditional” type of a couple, you can do a waltz. If you are an upbeat, modern type, perhaps you’d enjoy a swing, salsa or tango? Recently a choreographed hip hop routine, which includes the entire bridal party, has become an ever increasing popular and entertaining choice for the new Bride and Groom. Or you can skip the elaborate productions and just slow dance to a song that is meaningful to the two of you.

Traditionally, the first dance is an introduction of the newly married couple and as “guests of honor” at their reception. This first dance, in terms of proper wedding etiquette, also serves as the opening of the dance floor for the wedding guests. In European and American cultures the wedding reception is much like the old fashioned Balls of gentile society and as such it would be inappropriate for anyone to dance before the guests of Honor.

The “first dance” has become so important to some that dance studios and choreographers have had a spike in business for just such an event. The fashionable choice to “Dancing With The Stars” has increased the demand for the return of Ballroom Dancing and has been incorporated into many “first dances” recently. However, you have many options with which to choose for the first dance. Your wedding is a reflection of you as a couple. Your first dance can be as well.

A wedding and all other aspects and traditions you may wish to follow throughout your celebration, are and should be reflections of who and what you are as a couple. A proper Waltz, an energetic Swing, a sexy Tango, a seductive Salsa, or a trendy choreographed routine, can add a certain flare to your special day. But no matter what you chose, the idea is to make your introduction and your day special and meaningful. A simple dance has the power to say, “This is who we are and that is why we are one.” Give the guests and yourselves something to talk about and remember for years to come.

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