There is just no words that I can say to describe this wedding.  My first “professional” wedding that I have done under Apropos Creations and became a life long friend!

Both sports fanatics, him ASU alum and fanatic, her University of Kansas alum and still does cheer for them but more ASU now.  Both Steelers fans just like me  (definitely a +) and they both support of course, the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Cardinals.

Their story?  Well, it’s pretty funny how they met and I honestly believe it’s kismet!  He was with a group of friends during a tailgate for ASU football and one of his friends had set up a blind “meet” with a girl.  Now, this girl who he was about to get set up with did not end up showing up but Susie had caught his eye.  And now, they live happily ever after…  And that is my story and I’m sticking to it.  Check out the picture and you’ll see that it proves what I am saying is all true!  Just don’t tell them that I featured them on my newsletter, she’d kill me!  🙂

The Bridal Partaay!

The cake topper.

“Alan, you can’t change your mind now!”, Susie says.

And the details…  As you can see, Alan is Asian and to be specific, he is Chinese.  Now, Susie just had this great idea to have Asian (Chinese) themed wedding but unfortunately, Alan was against it due to the obvious fact that  he had lived being Asian (Chinese) his whole entire life.  🙂  Of course, Susie won.  It is her wedding anyway.  Their main symbol was double happiness which signifies all their stationery and instead of having numbers to designate the guests their tables, we decided to incorporate other Chinese symbols as well like health, wealth, luck, wisdom, etc…

And the reception…

About Apropos Creations

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