The bottom line is, your job as a groom does not lie in just showing up on the day of the wedding.  Remember that if you want this lifetime partnership to be a success, the wedding is your first step together.  It does take two to tango and your opinion does matter.

Here is a list for the groom that I deem important.  It is now up to you to glance at it and prioritize the list accordingly.

  • pick your best man and your ushers
  • help choose the boutonniere styles
  • purchase a gift for your bride
  • plan for your first dance, maybe suggest a choreograped dance
  • write your vow if you agreed to do this
  • make a playlist for the wedding reception
  • organize the transportation for you and your bride
  • organize the transportation for the wedding party
  • plan the honeymoon and get some input from your girl
  • pay for all legal documents like your marriage license
  • you are in charge in finding your groomsmen’s gear
  • make arrangements to pay for the vendors
  • arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony
  • pictures are a must so just think of your future together and SMILE!

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