November is here!  On top of that 11/11/11 is four days away.  This phenomenon only happens once in every 100 years!  Besides the obvious fact that this day is a fun and popular date, this date will be an easy date for your future husband to remember every year for your anniversary celebration! 🙂

According to David’s Bridal, brides far and wide across the country have chosen 11/11/11 as their wedding date. Los Angeles ranks
number one with 718 brides registered with David’s Bridal. Other top cities following suit include Chicago at 572 brides, Miami at 560 brides, New York at 507 brides, Dallas at 461 brides and Houston at 411 brides.  That’s a whole lot of weddings going on and
just imagine these numbers are only in the US.

There are of course other reasons why couples have chosen this mighty date especially if you are spiritually open to entertaining the thought of the numerology.  The number 11 is thought as a master number in numerology because it is a double digit of the
same number.  The very basic understanding of the Number One is that of new beginnings and purity.  When we see this number doubled, then these attributes double in strength.

Regardless of the reason why you chose this date, we know that it will be a very special day.  It’s your wedding day and that is all there is to it.  If you have a wedding planner or coordinator, I thank you for having one.  If you don’t have one, please make sure to have everyone’s tasks in a notepad and to be given specific instructions and time when it needs to be done.  Advice for everybody, let little challenges be little challenges, let it go and go with the flow especially on your wedding day.

About Apropos Creations

With more than 10 years of assisting brides, grooms and their respective families create this moment, Apropos Creations, a local
Arizona wedding and event planner, will make this journey enjoyable and stress-free.  We will be there to offer inspiring ideas and flawless coordination.  Besides our basic wedding packages, Apropos Creations also specializes in multi cultural weddings, destination weddings and Philippines destination weddings.  We pledge to you our devotion to make your wedding and event as unique as you.  We want what you want, a perfect and beautiful day of memories to treasure throughout time.