Regale means to entertain lavishly and to delight.  Now this new venue Regale in the DC Ranch in Scottsdale did more than just that tonight.  Tony and Linda Laub hosted and I was much honored to work with them as the event coordinator for our monthly meeting for WenAZ.  The Laub’s were just fabulous and welcomed us to their new home as if we were family.  Put A Fork In It was there to feature some of their great delicacies like skewered beef sprinkled with sesame seeds (and it was very yummy!), stuffed mushroom, a tray of cheese and crackers and olives, angel hair pasta with shrimp and of course the garlic bread.  Amy Wahl of Flipbook Memories was also there.  Now you may ask to yourself, what’s a flipbook?  Remember when you or when we were young and we used to doodle stick figures on the top corner of our notebook and flip the pages and make the stickman dance?  Well, that is what she does, she captures a photo of you and makes you dance or move by flipping the pages.  Yes, FUN!!!  Now the sweetest part of the night was of course the candy buffet by Rachelle of Couture Candy Co.  She even coordinated her candies to match the colors I picked for the night, orange and hot pink.  She had the hot pink linen overlay on her table, compliments of Tri Rentals and she had a display of orange candies.  I never thought that there were so many orange candies before!!!  Crazy!  We also had Mr. Mark of PME Disc Jockey Service on the turntables and Harley Bonham of Harley Bonham Photographic Artist behind the lenses.  Mark played it smooth tonight and kept the tribe under control, if you know what I mean.  You never know about those WenAZ members.  Mr. Bonham, well, he was just doing his thing, shooting people, food, centerpieces, and when you’re not looking, there he is.  We’ll just have to wait till he puts the pics on WenAZ’s site.  Patience members.  Now, it all sounds so scattered but it wasn’t because it just all fell into place where it should be and that’s because Mr. Dave of Pourmasters Bartending Services provided us with the drinks to relax us.  He came up with a signature drink which has Acai vodka and it was very refreshing on a hot day.   Everybody had a great time and that’s my opinion, therefore, this meeting was a success.

Curtis of WenAZ and Curtis Whipple Disc Jockey was nice enough to let Apropos Creations put the vendors together and part of the coordination and I had a blast.  Thank you so much for the opportunity.