This is way long overdue!  I have met sooo many vendors that I have connected with and love to have worked with (and again and again and again…) and would love to work with.

Here’s our first ever…

In The Limelight…  Vendor Spotlight…

Debashri Sengupta  (Deb in short) of Keepsake Blossoms


I have met Deb last January at the Arizona Bridal Show.  She was two booths away from mine so I got nosey and asked her what she did.  She told me that she creates and molds clay into flowers and then turn into your bouquet.  She can create flowers ranging from peonies, calla lilies, roses, and even orchids.  She can also do whatever color that is on your palette. 

What I have found very special about her flowers:

  1. Very lifelike and detailed, you wouldn’t even know it’s clay until it’s up close;
  2. you can keep it forever;
  3. it’s made out of clay instead of plain ole’ silk.

It gives your bouquet its own unique signature. 

Being clay, this is something the bride can pass down to her daughter, and then the grand- daughter, and then who knows who else. 

Cleaning?  I happened to have asked that question, blow dryer.  Yes, that simple.  Please make sure not to hose it down and yes, I asked that question.  🙂

You can also visit her Etsy Store at

Please enjoy the following images of Keepsake Blossoms!