Has it ever occurred to you why brides change their last name to the groom’s?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this one.  I have researched it and I came up with reasons like religion, culture and social.  The bottom line is, it is your personal preference. 

Here’s some pro’s and con’s in changing your last name:


  • Same last name of your children therefore no confusion and no explanations
  • Having the same last name as your husband will have the unity factor within your family
  • This practice has been done for centuries and it’s expected and friends and family will be addressing letters and cards as Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


  • Changing your last name may cause a loss of identity
  • If you have a career that you may have established your identity with your maiden name
  • Feminism


  • Hyphenation of your last names
  • Keeping your maiden name as a middle name.
  • If you’re worried about being the last in the family with that name, consider taking your husband’s name, but using your maiden name as a first or middle name for a child.
  • He could take your last name.
  • You can fuse the last names into a new name. If your last name is Miller and his is Peltson, why can’t you all become the Millsons?
  • Consider changing your name legally, but still using your name professionally.

ADVICE (very important)- If you decide to change your name you are required to send your original marriage license.  I am the kind of person that will freak out and stress about someone losing or even my document being destroyed in the process.  To avoid this hassle, order two to three marriage licenses.

With the world-wide web on the palm of our hands, changing names has gotten easier.  Online services like MissNowMrs offers this service so you don’t have to.

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