Some of you may think that having a professional do your make up is not a necessity, so you opt to doing it yourself.  This is fine but your wedding day is one of the most important day of your life.  very single moment is captured by that photographer and videographer that you hired and let’s not forget your friends and families have also have their handy dandy cameras.  You definitely can’t afford to have a shiny forehead or a blemish or two showing, and an uneven tone.  Having these flaws is okay for the photographer, thank goodness for Adobe Photoshop but you can’t do that with the others.  Just FYI, this is just my personal opinion and regardless of what I say should not make any difference in your decision making.  If you are going to do this on your own or a non professional, consult with a professional on how to achieve an impeccable wedding face.  Visit your local department store like Macy’s and talk to a beauty consultant.  This way, you will train yourself on applying your own makeup the right way and don’t be scared to ask questions. 

Here’s to a picture perfect day!!!