When you think of Florence, AZ, you think, middle of nowhere, an hour drive from Phoenix.  Well, you are absolutely right.  In this middle of nowhere in Florence, Arizona, there is this place called The Windmill Winery.  I tell you, everything that I saw before getting to this venue just disappeared from my mind.  The Windmill Winery is like a jewel that you find in the desert!  This place has a pond, a vintage car, grassy area, great photoscapes, John Deere tractor which they can remove if you don’t want it, a windmill of course and the barn where the reception takes place.  What really caught my attention is the outdoor ceremony site where they have a brick arch where the guests can admire the bride and the groom along with the scenery.  I can’t wait to see my bride Rachelle look so pretty and in love at this place.  So whenever you have a chance to visit this desert jewel, give me a call and I would be more than happy to escort you there and talk about your wedding and the planning.