The clinking of the glasses creates a bell like noise.  In years past, and by those who are superstitious yet today, that noise is said to repel the devil.  Many couples today follow the ritual of kissing as glasses are being clinked, taking the opportunity to “connect” when the devil is not around to create havoc.

I am only giving you three options because some of the ones that I read was either cheesy or too complicated.  Below is what I deem personally doable and super cute!

Option 1…

Hershey’s Kisses Kissing Poem (Instructions)
Please no tinkling of glasses or bells rang out loud.  We’d prefer something different from this lovely crowd.  We’ve filled a box with Hershey chocolates and set it aside, Near the Head Table at which sit the Groom and the Bride.  If it’s a kiss that you’re after come forward and stand,  Now roll up your sleeve and dig in with your hand.  Reach down deep and retrieve a Kiss of GOLD,  A smooch between the Bride and Groom you’ll behold.  But if you pull out a SILVER Kiss in your quest,  Then you’ll be required to kiss another guest!

Option 2…

Instead of clinking glasses to get the bride and groom to kiss, can get guests to sing part of a song with the word love in it. MC can announce something like “Since love is a journey, and so is the marriage of the newlyweds.  The Happy Couple would be more than happy to kiss for you but before you clink that glass, you have to sing a song containing the word love and they would be more than happy to oblige to your request.”  Variation on this is for the song to contain one or both of the bride and groom’s names.

Option 3..

Adaptation of an old Irish custom as an alternative: The ringing of a bell is said to restore harmony between a couple; it’s also said to remind them of their wedding vows and to keep evil spirits away. A bell has become a traditional Irish wedding gift. The adaptation of this custom is to give each guest a miniature bell as they enter the church. You can explain in your program that they are to be rung during your recessional and then taken to the reception where they are to be used in lieu of clinking glasses.

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