You are now husband and wife, together forever, til death do us part!  A life together as one…  What else can be better than that?

So what do you do now?  Here are some ideas…

  •  go directly to your honeymoon;
  • or maybe wait a day or two until all of your out of town family and friends had gone home and spend some time and thank them for coming to your wedding celebration personally;
  • have a day after the wedding brunch;
  • donate your flowers for some tax deduction, another way to save money and help the community;
  • Thank you cards should be sent out no later than three months per Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette book.  You may want to start your thank you note as you get your gifts so it doesn’t get too overwhelming;
  • legal documents and name changing, if applies, should be taken care of.

So many things to do, so many things going on…  The key is to prioritize, have a to do list so you don’t deluge yourself.

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