I finally had some time to read a magazine or two, kinda sorta…  I am currently helping a friend out in looking for a wedding venue and I browsed through Arizona’s Finest Wedding Sites and Services magazine.  Being a planner, having magazines like this one becomes very handy, not because of venue unfamiliarity but for other details that I may have missed. 

Today, I found an article in the mentioned magazine for tips and advice for honeymooning.  When you thought that you know everything about it, you really don’t.  This article is written by Sam Becchetti- Dockter of All About Honeymoons and you can visit their website at  www.HoneymoonSam.com.

10 Tips for Happy Honeymooning

  1. Plan ahead.  About 6 to 9 months out is a great time to get started and catch early- bird rates and good airfare.  You can also put a deposit down instead of paying in a lump sum, just like you do for other wedding vendors.
  2. Talk it out.  Sometimes your idea of an ideal honeymoon is not the same as your fiance’s!  It’s important that you are both enjoying the experience.  Is one of you an adventure- seeker and one, more of a sight- seer?  Is it ok of he plays golf on your trip?  Many times couples think they know where they want to go, but have no idea what that destination really has to offer.  Don’t be disappointed by lack of knowledge.  Research ideas before you decide where to go.
  3. Go some place different!  Maybe you have traveled a bit yourself but not together.  This time, pick that neither of you have experienced.  Make it new for you both.
  4. Splurge a little!  This is the most memorable trip of your life, make it a lasting one!  Upgrade to a nicer room, add a spa treatment or have a candlelight dinner for two, seaside.
  5. Set a budget.  The average honeymoon is about $3,900.00 per couple.  If money is an issue, look into all- inclusives available throughout the Caribbean and Mexico.  These packages let you know before exactly how much you are spending and what you’re getting.
  6. Got Pots?  Already co- habitating or inheriting mom’s kitchen set?  Then take advantage of a honeymoon registry where guests can gift you activities, dining, shopping, and other honeymoon enhancing experiences.
  7. Timing.  Check your calendars and obligations.  When can you leave for the honeymoon?  Do you have family visiting or a brunch or lunch post – wedding?  Know the likely weather for the destination, as well as peak season times.  Honeymooning in Miami during spring break might not be what you had in mind!
  8. Planning to leave the country?  Make sure you’ve applied for a passport with time for processing.  Also inquire about visa requirements for your destination.
  9. Protect your investment.  Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them, but emergencies can happen that impact your trip.  Be insured so that you can recover costs if necessary, get medical attention in a foreign country, or get clothes when yours don’t show up.  Travel insurance is a wise decision.
  10. Talk to a professional.  Travel agents are a wealth of information.  They can offer suggestions, pre- arrange tours and assist with upgrades, when available.  The rates are competitive and they are available for advice and help.  All that and no added fees!

Safe travels!!!

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 above photo from Kenya Odyssey