Here are a few of our favorite games:

Pass the Bouquet

The bouquet can be fresh flowers, gift ribbons, or silk bouquet.  The object of the game is not to have the bouquet in your hands when the music stops, just like hot potato, you are out if you end up with the potato or musical chair, you are out if you don’t have a chair to sit on.  The music plays while the bouquet is handed from guest to guest, and the music stops at intermittent points. The guest holding the bouquet whenever it stops is taken out, leaving the rest to battle it out (please be nice) until all but one lucky player is knocked out of the game.

Another favorite game of mine is Bingo but this one has the bridal twist to it:

Prior to the shower, create Bingo cards and you can even use the word B-R-I-D-E on the top instead of the usual B-I-N-G-O and instead of numbers, use wedding-related words like wedding ring, veil, honeymoon, wedding dress, bouquet, etc. Fill out slips of paper with wedding word or question, such as the bride’s engagement ring cut, honeymoon location, or engagement proposal location . As the hostess draw and announce each one, the guests will mark the square using a pen or use something creative like the candy hearts like the peeps at The Knot have suggested.

One of the all time classic, The Toilet Paper Dress:

  • divide your guests into groups, about three to four per group
  • give each group one or two rolls of toilet paper
  • each group will have to choose a “bride” from their group
  • create a bridal gown, veil, and accessories from the toilet paper and ONLY the toilet paper
  • The bride will then choose the winning dress and the group wins and receives a prize

The next two can and may be rated R, consider yourself warned.

How Low Can You Go sounds like fun but I have never seen it in action.

  • place a poster board in the middle of the floor
  • designate one of the bridesmaids to be the “secretary”
  • have each guest approach the board one at a time
  • trace their hand with a pen on the board without bending their knees or bringing the board up to them
  • the “secretary” will then take note  of every single guests’ reaction and exclamation while tracing their hand
  • Each guests’ outburst discloses what the bride will be screaming on their wedding night!

I can just hear the “of age” group stating, “I am too old for this”, or “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”  Would you have this game at your shower?

The last game but not the least, have the groom and a few of his friends stop by for a few minutes but before they arrive, blindfold the bride and have the guys not say a word.  This creates a bit more suspense for the bride.  To play this, the blindfolded bride feels up on the guys’ calves (and nothing else unless the house rules otherwise) and takes a “swag” on which legs belongs to her future husband.  This game is referred to as Guess The Groom!

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