Weddings can be traditional or non-traditional, or even incorporate elements of your religion or culture. Planning out how you make your grand entrance to your wedding can be a dream come true. So, how do you know which way you’d like to enter the venue on your big day!?

Entries by Country or Region:

  • England: The bride leads the attendants into the church or venue.
  • America: The attendants lead bride into the venue or church with the bride followed arm in arm with her escort, traditionally the father of the bride.
  • Scotland: The piper leads everyone in, followed by the celebrant. Then by the bride who is escorted arm in arm with the groom and father or mother of the bride, with everyone else in attendance walking behind them.
  • Europe: The bride and groom enter the venue or church together.

Wedding Procession Entries by Religion  

  • Catholicism (U.S.): The groom awaits the bride at the altar alone. The groomsmen escort bridesmaids in with the bride to follow.
  • Non-denominational modern variation: Sometimes it is customary for flower girls to lead the procession. Then followed by each groomsman escorting an equivalent number of bridesmaids with the bride and groom walking in last, arm in arm, with one another.
  • Hindu: Many Hindu or Indian weddings begin with a procession called the Baraat where the groom rides in on a horse with the wedding guests dancing beside him. The bride then enters the wedding ceremony venue. She is then brought to the Mandap by her maternal uncle or other relatives, as well as bridesmaids. This is known as the Kanya Aagman and translates as “the arrival of the bride.”

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