Getting married in Thailand can be one of the most breathtaking ways to say “I do”, as well as one of the most cost-effective ways to have one amazing destination wedding. Thailand is a country rich with fruit gardens, waterfalls, lush vegetation, and beaches that serve as one glorious wedding backdrop. Below are some great tips on how to plan a destination wedding of a lifetime in Thailand.

Photo By: Jonny Scott

Plan With Seasons In Mind

Visiting Thailand should be well-planned and at least 24 months in advance. This is very considerate to both your guests and your wedding planner. Planning with seasons in mind well in advance also gives you a great advantage on booking venues, hotels, flights, and so on. While Thailand is mostly beautiful all year around Thailand’s rainy season can be classified as May/June to October. The wettest months being August to October. However, I’ve been in a flood in mid-April – so it’s not so uncommon when storms surge tidal waves this time of year.

Photo By: Jonny Scott

Make Sure You Get The Legal Stuff Done

You may need more documents than just your passport for marriages to be legal in Thailand. This is a great resource to check out before you book your wedding in Thailand: Just be sure to gather all of the documents you need before you go, which is also a great reason to plan well in advance. 

Photo By: Jonny Scott

Research Thai Traditions Before You Book

Grooms and Brides have different requirements in different countries and cultures. Thailand is very much all about luck. Many grooms time their walk to arrive at the venue at an exact time that is considered to be lucky. Be sure to do some research before you book your venue. You might find some Thai traditions to be very precious and something to add even if you are from Western culture. 

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