This month’s series of blogs is going to be about DIY projects and I am going to start it off with the tissue flowers.

If you know me, you know how much I love getting down and dirty. I handmade my own cards from birthdays to Christmas cards to my son’s invitations, to cutting wood and nailing it together to create a plant stand.  Yes, I know, I was probably better off buying one being crooked and all but it was fun and I did it all on my own. There’s just something about that” I have done all by myself” feeling, definitely a great accomplishment.

Now, here’s a short video clip on creating tissue paper flowers. This is so much fun because you can do so much with it from bouquets to centerpieces, hair accessories and just plain fillers. You definitely can purchase the right color to go with your wedding color schemes.  I hope that you enjoy creating this as much as I did!

Materials needed:

Tissue paper – color of your choice; scissors; green pipe cleaner