Why having a wedding on an auspicious date is essential.

There is a shift in the wedding world today, where fancy weddings have been given too much attention as opposed to simple cultural weddings. Even though this may be true, a wedding day remains the most crucial day of someone’s life. But what is so important about having your wedding on an auspicious day anyways? I keep thinking even though it is an essential tradition to consider while planning your wedding, it should not be the significant factor.

Today does not matter on when or on what grounds should your wedding be carried. This being said, I can reconcile with the fact that having your wedding on an ‘auspicious’ day and abiding by it, is a great idea. Isn’t it? Some traditional weddings such as Chinese and Indian weddings typically have their weddings on an auspicious day and dates. If you want your love that of a kind, why should not your wedding be? Therefore, you need to know a number of the auspicious dates.

Every person yearns for a wedding ceremony to go smoothly. Besides, to have a successful, happy marriage after the wedding.  The choice of an auspicious year, day or month is therefore paramount according to Chinese and Indian weddings. Even though you do not subscribe to some cultural beliefs, it is worth marking the beginning of your marriage a unique one. Right!

It does not matter if the day is rooted in religion or culture. For instance, according to a folk rhyme for Celtic religion, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were regarded as the luck days. They symbolized wealth, health and the best day of all respectively. This is contrary to today’s beliefs that Saturday is the best wedding day, which to them, it symbolized the day where there is no luck at all. The dates above are the common auspicious date still followed to date.

Examples of auspicious dates for wedding

  • January which symbolizes a loving spouse
  • April expresses joy in marriage
  • September, your living will be full of richness and success
  • December weddings symbolizes long-lasting marriage full of genuine love

Depending on the type of culture you may choose to follow, auspicious months differ. Besides, some people to date use zodiac signs and use them to plan on their wedding ceremonies.

Having such a wedding comes along with its merits as opposed to wedding planning on any other typical day, such as Saturdays or Sundays.

Considerations for choosing a wedding date

  • Season or time of the year. Depending on what your wedding theme is, you will agree that summer remains the best season for wedding. Having that in mind, you can now decide on what auspicious date and month will suit you.
  • Day of the week. Saturday being the favorite wedding day, it should be the only choice for you. Depending on your cultural or astrological beliefs, any day of the week could be the lucky day for your wedding.
  • Date with a special meaning. Do you want a memorable day, which symbolizes success, love, and long-lasting relationship? Why not go for Monday or Wednesday. It should not always be Saturday or Sunday.

Regardless of the day, date or year, these do not break a marriage. The marriage is about you and your partner. But it is important that you chose an auspicious day to bring meaning to your wedding and marriage.

Photo credits…  Sierra Blanco Photography, Harley Bonham Photography, Galaxy Andrews