Last year’s New York Bridal Fashion Week was a year to remember as far as the innovativeness and creativity are concerned. However, this season was also much better than the previous one. We saw more designers showcase their striking newly made designs. The bar was raised even higher. For the fashion aficionados, the designers deserved more than a mere clap. Perhaps a scream would have done much better. The runway was featured with unique and artistically made gowns that instantly captured the attention of the audience. Here are some of the things as that made us happy about the event.

  1. Artistic Embellished Brides  In this season, designers unexpectedly surprised the audience with some unique additional to the wedding gowns. With embellishments like the feathers and fringes, it is clear the designers left the audience in complete wonderment.  Designers like Berta and Hayley Paige embellished their gowns using the layers of feathers. The two designers displayed their innovativeness as well as a talent through their unique designs. The embellishments were something to remember about this particular season.

Style 18-18 by Berta

Hayley Paige

  1. Complex and creative pairing.  Ask any fashion enthusiasts out there about what makes a particular designer a favorite, and you are sure to get  ‘pairing’ as one of the answers. This season, we saw the designers come up with some creative pairing. They were able to pair gowns with spectacular bolero jackets, blazers, and capelets. The pairing significantly outpaced the one from last year. For instance, Inbal Dror was able to pair a spectacular tulle skirt and a uniquely designed blazer.

Embroidered Cape by Tadashi Shoji

  1. Glamorous Jumpsuits.  Judging from the designer were sending on the runways, it is clear that bridal design has made yet another shift. Currently, the bridal collections have expanded beyond the ordinary mermaid silhouettes and glittery ball gowns. This year, the designers came up with glamorous jumpsuits that can be worn either during a pre-wedding event and this said jumpsuits can also be a good gown substitute.  This type of flexibility on the jumpsuit is one the things that the audience find exciting.

Yoko by Monique Lhullier

Gemma by Tadashi Shoji

The Aberdeen by Lela Rose

  1. Color switch.  This year’s New York Bridal Fashion Week was graced with a color change from the traditional pure white to blush. Blush is indeed a color that stands out for itself, and its inclusion in the bridal collections is a complete value addition. This revolution from pure white to blush was the creative works of Inbal Dror and Galia Lahav. Apart from blush, the season was also featured with other daring colors that enhanced the romantic appearance of the gown.

Magnolia wedding dress by Galia Lahav/ Photo by Thomas Concordia

  1. Downright perfection.  The designers compete stiffly to give each other a run for their money. They went beyond the little uniqueness to provide the audience with a perfect version of their designs. As much as the designers tried their best to display their creativity to the audience, they also managed to be as original as possible. The designers revealed that the skin retains its place in the bridal fashion world.

The new MUSE line by Berta

Let us know which bridal fashion design you like the best and if you will be strutting this design down the aisle!