Vendor Appreciation for February

Hey, I just feel like I was robbed of some days of my month! February just happened. But who can complain after surviving January which seemed like having four months as opposed to four weeks! This was not a leap year where the men would be worried of unexpected proposals, but still the love was all over. Some did say “Yes I will do,” and will start the journey of testing the mettle of love. Here at Apropos Creations we did say “Yes we do,” to our top notch Arizona wedding vendors. From the onset, I must say that the levels of professionalism, flexibility and humility shown by our creative partners in achieving their successes are just out of this world.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciations to Chic Vintage Rental, Karma Event Lighting, and Ray the DJ (your stunts ringing in my head). You guys have glamorously lit the month of February and from us, you were just dope. In meeting the amazing challenge of delivering high end Arizona destination weddings to our clients, Makiaj Beauty stands out from the clatter. Your perfectionist and personalized approach to the hair make-up is really superior. Of course we could not finish without mentioning the ever reliable and fabulous Piece of Cake (drooling!). I just want a piece of cake.  These are just a few of our fabulous partners.  Make sure to check out the rest of them on our Instagram.

We at Apropos Creations promises to stick around and continue to offer our classy services to the diverse and unique requirements of our clients. We propose for those planning a destination wedding to check the beauty and romance of the city of Sedona. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the natural setting and the best of Arizona tourist sites. We have so much lined up for our followers and clients. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to check out the exclusives for March.

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