It is always so humbling to see Apropos Creations being highlighted.  This time, Totally Dazzled approached me about Apropos Creations to tell the world exactly what we do, how we plan, why we plan among other questions.  I honestly don’t like being in the spotlight and I am just happy to be in the back providing an exceptionally superior service for our clients.

Here’s what Totally Dazzled had to write about:

“Jo Ann M. Grant has such a lively and bubbly nature that shines through her work as a wedding and event planner. Her extensive portfolio is like walking through a bright and happy South East Asian dream. I am so excited to be sharing both Jo Ann, wedding and event architect and her company Apropos Creations, LLC with you today as our industry expert.

Jo Ann found her way into the wedding industry quite by chance. Having a background in finance, yes, finance, she planned her own wedding 19 years ago. While she was happy with her career in finance, it was her husband who saw that she has a real talent for event planning and encouraged her to pursue a career as a planner. It took 11 long years for Jo Ann to make the change from finance to events and now that she has, 8 years later, she’s still very pleased with her decision and her husband’s continual reinforcement.

Working with her clients, Jo Ann forms strong relationships that are built on integrity and professionalism. Though, she stresses, she is a very straightforward, no filter, down to earth, fun and flexible person. She loves going beyond what is required in order to deliver only an exceptional service. While her character is a little more laid back, her work enjoys a strict, organized and detailed approach to every project, ensuring that she creates stunning events that are worthy experiences.

Apropos Creations prides itself, as a company, on delivering personalized experiences for each couple or client. The focus is on creating occasions that are stress-free from concept to actualization. The company styles and coordinates only one client and celebration at a time, so all their energy goes into creating a spectacular event. Their specialty is multicultural events and they do this very well. They’ve created some unforgettable marriage proposals, corporate events, charity fundraisers and tournaments as well as milestone celebrations for their clients. Their personalized events are all specified to the clients’ desires and characters.

Jo Ann and her team strive to make every celebration seamless and ensure that not only her clients but their guests are happy as well. They go with the flow, as she says, and are very flexible. They gracefully make room for the last-minute details and changes that aren’t always planned or scheduled.

There are so many proud moments for Jo Ann and her company that it’s hard for her to single one out. The events she plans and the experiences she creates are all close to her heart. One event that does stand out to her is one that was planned three months out with an existing concept. The concept line was change and an entirely new idea had to be created. Watching this concept that felt completely her own grow and come to life was a point in her events career that really stood out for her. Having professional wedding connections and vendors to rely on really helped save the day.

Apropos Creations don’t typically encourage their clients to stick to a trend, rather encouraging them to let their own voice and style show through. Bright colors like turquoise and fuchsia are definitely favorites and they suit the company’s signature multicultural events very well. Jo Ann does mention, however, that she loves the geometric trend. The clean lines paired with the modern look is something that she thoroughly enjoys exploring.

I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy exploring Jo Ann’s website as much as I did. Her weddings look like so much fun and I’m in love with the bright colors. Here is a quick look at 4 stunning weddings that she’s conceptualized and planned.”

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