I attended my brother’s wedding last October and having to plan and coordinate a little and be a guest after most of the major wedding day events had been done, I was able to confirm what makes a wedding successful.

Cupid Shuffle

bride and guests dancing to the Cupid Shuffle

Of course, being a wedding planner, it’s all in the background and our main goal is to have the wedding day flow smoothly and without a hitch.  The real judgment comes in on a successful wedding, is when you see how full or empty a dance floor is during the open dancing.  This is where a DJ, band, or other type of entertainer comes in.  Their expertise on how to engage the crowd and get them on the dance floor is at stake.

During my brother’s wedding, I love to admit that my husband and I got down on the dance floor and had a blast.  One thing though that stuck to mind was the group dance.  There had been so many out there and some songs we don’t want to get caught dancing to but we definitely were jiggin’ to it when it was popular.  🙂  I had taken the privilege of asking a few DJ’s that I have worked with what they think are the most requested group dance wedding songs out there.  After tallying up all of their answers, here’s are the results.  And lastly, if you had to turn the lights on to get people out of the property and go home. I say that’s one heck of a wedding and you had one great DJ doing what they’re suppose to be doing.

What is the most requested group dance song made by the bride and groom before the wedding day?

Electric Slide

Did you get a lot of last minute request from the bride and groom during the reception even if they already had it all laid out?

All the time!

{Insert Drumrol}

Here’s our Top #5 Wedding Group Dance Songs based on our friends

#5 Wedding Group Dance Songs

Wang with It;  Cowboy Dorado;  You’re A Jerk;  Cat Daddy;  Crank Dat;  Thriller;  Macarena;  Hokey Pokey

#4 Wedding Group Dance Songs

Gangnam Style;  Teach Me How to Dougie;  YMCA

#3 Wedding Group Dance Songs

Wobble;  Electric Slide;  Chicken Dance

#2 Wedding Group Dance Songs

Cha Cha Slide

#1 Wedding Group Dance Song

Cupid Shuffle

I hope this has helped you narrow down your song selections.  If you want a great dance floor involvement, opt for Cupid Shuffle.  I have danced to this and it is definitely fun and it’s not too hard to follow.  That’s from someone who hasn’t done it until last October.  🙂

Enjoy and I wish you all the best during your wedding planning!

coordinately yours…

-jo ann-

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