by Jo Ann M. Grant, wedding & event architect, Apropos Creations

The video below was a segment from yesterday’s television show, The List. They wanted to know why wedding these days cost so much more compared to the yesteryears due to an article put out by CNN Money.

With the brides and grooms always being creative and accommodating to their guests, here are the contributing factors that had driven the budget to go up:

  1. Sending out save-the-date cards;
  2. Hiring caricature artists as part of their wedding entertainment;
  3. Having a photobooth during the reception;
  4. Purchasing or creating welcome bags waiting for the guests at their hotel rooms (some hotels and resorts charge to deliver these);
  5. Providing a “party” bus to accommodate their guests from the hotel to the ceremony, the reception and back to the hotel;
  6. Bestowing flip flops for the lady guests  during the dancing so they won’t end up with achy feet;
  7. Presenting their guests midnight snack for after the reception like food trucks, cookies and milk, and warm, fresh mini donuts;
  8. “Wow”ing the guests with a firework show.

There are so much more I didn’t mention that can cause for the wedding budget to go up.  Like I mentioned earlier, brides and grooms are being crafty to make their weddings unique (thank pinterest and Martha Stewart for that) and they are very appreciative of their guests taking the time to witness their special day.

The bottom line is, this is  your wedding and no one can tell you right or wrong.  Do what you think is right for you and your fiance. Remember, this is a once in a lifetime experience that you will always treasure.

I hope you enjoy the video clip as much as I did filming it…

the list


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