Rupiyo Nariyel

Rupiyo Nariyel is one of many Indian pre-wedding traditions. Rupiyo means money (one Indian rupee – to be precise), and Nariyel means coconut. Coconut is considered as a sacred fruit in Indian traditions, and used for every auspicious occasion.
Hindu Engagement Ritual

Rupiyo Nariyel tradition is the first step to the wedding.It is like reserving the bride and groom for each other.  The bride’s family gives Rupiyo Nariyel to the groom, and the groom’s family gives Rupiyo Nariyel to the bride – that is considered taking them off of dating sites in very simple language. This tradition follows with engagement and then the wedding itself.

Traditionally, in India, engagement is not when a guy proposes to a girl, engagement is a full on planned celebration where there is worshiping, ring ceremony, gifts exchange and party, of course. But before that, there is Rupiyo Nariyel. It is called differently in various cultures and regions.

In some regions, it is called “Roka”, some people call it “Sakharpuda”, and some call it “gol-dhana”. I have a friend who has many American friends, so she made up an easier name to understand this – the “Coconut Ceremony”.

Turmeric Powder for Hindu Weddings

During this ceremony, the bride and the groom are given coconuts and money as a token of good luck and both sides of families place kumkum (red dot) on the new couple’s forehead as it is also considered very auspicious. They are also fed sugar cubes, or these days the sweets that the couple would like (I had chocolates for mine). It is said this will bless the couple and have sweetness in their future.

Written by Srushty Dungarani- Assiistant Coordinator Extraordinaire

Photo Credits:  Weddingplz and Maharani Weddings