We’ve all seen it happen at bridal showers. As the bride is opening her gifts, either she hands the ribbons off to a family member or a bridesmaid or there’s a mad dash to find the ribbons in the pile of wrapping paper. Usually this is done for a bride to have a makeshift bouquet at her rehearsal, but why do they do it?

The ribbon bouquet helps the bride get a feel of what she’ll be walking down the aisle with. This is such a great idea, not only so she doesn’t feel awkward walking with it, but also so she can get an idea of where it should be held in order for her groom and photographer to see the full beauty of her dress.

But what started the tradition? The ribbon bouquet was created to symbolize the love, support and best wishes the brides family and friends have for the couple. It also is a symbol of the friendship and bond the bride has with her maid of honor or bridesmaids, depending on who is in charge of creating it.

Ribbon Bouquet 2

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