Rain, Rain Go Away – What To Do About April Showers

April showers used to spell ‘disaster’ when it came to planning a wedding. The modern bride and groom should totally embrace the ‘good luck’ sentiment of rainy days and literally play it to their wedding advantage. From sweet memorabilia to quirky wedding photography, and making rain the star of your event, there are loads of things you can do to beat the gloom of April Showers and still throw one amazing wedding.

Get Fashion Forward Wedding Wear

When it comes to making a statement in the midst of April Showers, look no further than the classic wellies. These bright boots really look spectacular against your white wedding.

Wedding Rain boots

If bright yellow isn’t quite your style, there are loads of designer options and patterns for the bride who wants to get a little more fun and rainy wedding day flirty.

Rain Wedding Photo

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Make Rain The Star Attraction

Don’t completely discount the rain that falls on your wedding day, after all it is good luck for the happy couple. Why not feature the rain and make it a design element of your wedding? Throw up a ‘see through’ vinyl tent so that the rain drops literally catch light and make your day spectacular. Who knows? You might even get a sweet rainbow…

Rain Wedding Cover Backup

Wedding Favours

One of the most adorable, super-cute ways to celebrate the April Showers on your wedding day is to memorialize them in some sort of way. If you plan ahead, these trendy rain catching ornaments can be embossed with your wedding date and make for one very sentimental conversation piece or Christmas tree ornament:

Wedding Rain Favor

DIY Brollys

Oriental Trading Company offers these super chic stark white umbrellas, 6 for $15.50. Simply provide sharpies in black or bright colors and have guests write sweet messages to you on each one. Take loads of photos for some priceless, romantic rainy day wedding moments. These cool treats can also serve as your guest book in lieu of a paper version, and be used as summertime decor for a cool one year anniversary backyard barbecue.

Wedding White Umbrellas


Rock Some Killer Photography

If you’re really looking for that killer shot on your wedding day, we suggest you go for a plethora of umbrellas in your wedding colors. Show your photographer this shot:


Umbrellas and Wedding Ceremony

Ask them to recreate the photo in black and white, but use color on the umbrellas for one absolutely gorgeous memento of your very special day in the rain!

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