Traditions are not just for a superstitious bride! The old tradition has the bride wearing something old representing continuity, something new is for the optimism of the future, something borrowed stands for happiness and something blue symbolizes love, fidelity and purity on her wedding day. It stemmed from a late 1800’s British rhyme and was intended to bring the newlyweds the best of luck. It remains an exceptionally popular wedding tradition, with brides always looking for new and interesting ways to include the good luck charms.

Something Old

‘Something old’ could be one of a great many things, from a piece of family jewelry, a bible that has been with you since childhood, a handkerchief, or even a second-hand wedding dress (which is every bit as beautiful as a new one, and can be had for less than half of the original price). Essentially, it just can’t be purchased new.

Modern , Turquoise and white wedding

Locket is their Something Old.

Something New

Many people will purchase new shoes or a veil to wear for their wedding, and these can count as your something new. If you are aiming to include something new that isn’t your wedding dress, consider a new accessory. A lovely new piece of jewelry would be perfect as your something new.

Something Borrowed

Your something borrowed should be an item you will wear on your wedding day that is owned by someone else who has a happy marriage, and that you intend to return. A great way to keep in line with this tradition is asking a family member or friend if you could wear their jewelry or veil to get married in. For a more emotional connection, if your mom’s dress is a style that you like, consider asking to borrow it for your big day.

Something Blue

The last tradition is fun because you can add something blue to your wedding day in so many ways! Wearing a layer of blue tulle under your dress is a colorful statement, as is slipping on a pair of ice-blue slippers. A sweet gesture that popped up on Pinterest is cutting a heart out of your dad’s blue shirt and sewing it into your dress or using blue thread to stitch your wedding date into your dress hem.

"I Do" in blue on the shoe sole.

“I Do” in blue on the shoe sole.

The rhyme didn’t actually end at “something blue.” The bride was supposed to have “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe”, which was intended to bring the new marriage financial prosperity in future years.

Whether you’re a superstitious or a disbelieving bride, getting your four “something’s” is a fun tradition that is sure to begin your married life with a lucky start!