When asking for help with your wedding, there are always uncertainties as to what is proper etiquette for what you can expect from your bridal party. Here are some things that are typically expected from the bridal party:

  • First and foremost, don’t be ashamed to ask your bridal party to purchase their clothing and shoes for your wedding
  • Be present and happy to help at any pre-wedding events that you are able to attend, such as the bridal shower and bachelorette party (this also includes helping to plan them)
  • Having your bridal party as emotional support and to keep your spirits high during stressful days
  • Don’t feel like you have to pay for their room accommodations or transportation to the wedding or reception
  • Have a bridesmaid track your gifts at your showers for future thank-you notes
  • Making sure they attend the rehearsal and ceremony (yes, some people you may ask to participate may not realize they are expected to stand with you on the day you say “I Do”)
  • Have them get up and dance, so other guests will follow their lead to the dance floor
  • Ask your bridal party to make a toast, if you wish

Bridal Party What to Expect

Here are some specific duties for the Maid of Honor:

  • Asking them to attend the dress fittings
  • Checking up on the bridal party to ensure they have purchased their wedding day accessories and clothing
  • Arrange the veil and train before the ceremony begins, as well as at the altar
  • Hold the ring for the ceremony
  • Hold the bridal bouquet during the ceremony
  • Asking your Maid of Honor to sign the marriage license as your witness

Bridal Party Expectations