Weddings are one of the most exciting events in a couple’s journey. Not only does it celebrate the holy matrimonial of two people who have decided to take their relationship to the next level, but it also marks the first step in their everlasting love.

Choosing a theme is essential to the wedding process. Beach, Garden, Vintage and Art Deco are some of the classic wedding themes that go in and out of trend. Yet, if there’s one wedding theme that will never go out of style and will surely make your wedding one of the most memorable celebrations of the year, that is the Winter Wonderland theme.

Wintery themed weddings have an enchanting essence about them. Color choices, draping, lighting as well as bridal attire, flowers and food selection. Winter themed weddings are indeed one of the most extraordinary themed weddings to look forward to. So if you are planning to have a gorgeous Winter Wonderland Wedding, here are some frosty ideas for you to discuss with your wedding planner.


Cozy Colors

Creating the Winter Wonderland ambiance that melts the heart of your guest depends on your color choices. So if you are aiming for an icy-intimate wedding, combine shades using any of the following colors: blue, silver, white and purple.








Wintry Wonderland

All it takes to make your Wintery theme wedding a dream come true, is the swish-and-flick of a magic wand, draping, lighting and table décor. Customize your venue by draping organza, string lights, and snowflakes across the ceiling; giving appearance of falling snow.


Crisp Cocktails

Winter Wonderland weddings always offer sweet libations for the wedding guests, and the perfect drink should involve vodka. Have a signature Moscow mule or even a martini luge with candy cane garnishes.








Snowy Souvenirs

All great celebrations eventually have to end, but it doesn’t mean that your wedding guests have to forget your spectacular nuptials. Let them leave with photo snow globe favors! Have your photo-booth vendor use snow globes instead of envelopes when handing your guest their funny photo. This is a sure fire way to enhance the photo booth experience of your wedding guests.


Using these unusual ideas will have you guest wishing to stay in your winter wonderland forever!