To make any event, especially your wedding day, special, it takes little things to set it apart from every other one. Some venues can feel like the perfect one, but also be missing that special detail that makes it pop. Though venues cannot cater to everyone’s needs, so often times the walls are plain. This is where one of our favorite things comes in…uplighting! Uplights have a variety of colors that can be tailored to almost any event or color scheme. As well as being versatile in color, they are fairly small and compact (roughly three inches thick and six inches in diameter). When put up against a wall, guests will hardly notice they are there! What is more magical about uplighting, is when it is paired with fabric draping. The two in combination together can add amazing “WOW” factor for any event

.Palak and Antonio- an Apropos Creations Multicultural Wedding 22


Palak and Antonio- an Apropos Creations Multicultural Wedding 30


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