Brides don’t have to go with a traditional floral centerpiece in this modern day and age. Greenery can be a sweet alternative to flowers, and make a super sweet statement on your wedding reception tables. Go green with a terrarium. A terrarium is a sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown. Check out the cool ideas below on how to use terrariums as centerpieces.

Sweetheart Table Terrarium Centerpiece Elegant Wedding


Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces

Classic terrariums house beautiful plants like starfish plant, nerve plant, ferns, golden club moss, aquamarine, air plants, black mondo grass, minimus arus, aloe, strawberry begonia, and succulent plants. All of these make great greenery for wedding centerpieces. While they look gorgeous on their own, they are also a great budget alternative when accompanied by a few flowers like roses, lily of the valley, lilacs, lavender or beautiful silk flower balls.

Hanging Terrarium Centerpiece Elegant Luxury Wedding

Hanging Terrarium Centerpieces

Miniature hanging terrariums are absolutely adorable centerpieces and add a touch of nature to any wedding reception. Why not use a small wooden tree or branch covered in moss, and suspend mini-terrariums off the branches with clear fishing lure. Fishing lure can also be decorated with beads, pearls or jewels to add a touch of sparkle to any terrarium. Alternatively, fill your mini-terrariums with beads or crystals in lieu of dirt for a bit of extra twinkle.

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Creative Wedding Terrariums

Don’t be afraid to get creative when you design your terrarium centerpieces. Stemless wine glasses, large fish bowls, and even light bulbs can make unique terrariums for any wedding reception. Try going for a ‘mix and match’ look with different size vases, fish bowls, or even brandy snifters. For a more romantic look, combine single garden roses with your greenery inside of a large lantern. If your wedding theme is an outdoor garden party, try using a glass teapot or even a metal bird cage.

Terrarium Centerpiece Elegant Luxury Wedding

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