Ikebana Wedding Inspiration

A very interesting trend is about to take the wedding industry by storm, and here’s a heads up that if you like it, you should be one of the first to try it out! Let go of rustic, lace, mason jars and burlap, and embrace the simple and elegant beauty of Ikebana.

Ikebana is an art form developed in Japan which follows strict rules about the arrangement and display of flowers. The art of Ikebana embraces the philosophy of humans drawing closer to nature through this creative expression.

White Hawaiian dendrobium orchids and ornithogalum wrapped in green satin ribbon with strands of pearls. Boutonniere: White dendrobium orchid and ornithogalum with steel grass loops wrapped in silver beaded wire with pearls. @grace_ormande @wedding_style:

Rather than simply placing cut flowers in a container, Ikebana uses living flowers, grasses, branches and leaves to develop a beauty that stems from the graceful lines, natural shapes, and color combinations along with the intended deeper meaning in an arrangement.

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One of the most interesting aspects to this art form is that each piece will be completely unique. Rather than having identical, cookie cutter centerpieces adorning your reception tables, each table might have a totally original artwork as the focal point, creating a joyful expression of beauty in these arrangements, but also in the meaning they bring to the occasion.

A principle concept in Ikebana flower arrangement is that nature is always changing – it has its own rhythm and order and doesn’t follow our rules. Rather than forcing it to our will, arranging natural elements in the Ikebana style suggests an idea of nature as a whole, creating a link between the outdoors and the indoors. Ikebana flower arrangements usually have an asymmetry and strongly incorporate the use of negative space as an essential feature of the artwork.

If a minimalist aesthetic appeals to you or you would like to find ways to bring more natural elements into your wedding, and you think you might like to incorporate the style into your wedding theme, this art of flower arranging might be a great idea for you to consider! Talk to your Phoenix Wedding Planner or Wedding Florist about how you can include this style into your special day – they can help you find the balance between natural beauty and modern wedding traditions.

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