When Megan and Jacob decided they could not live apart anymore, the journey of living as a couple was on the offing. The period that follows the beginning of “till death do us part,” is usually a draining one as the resources are stretched. For Megan, it was even more intricate as the venue of the wedding was a difficult issue. The bride, the groom and their families come from Alaska but have vacationed in Arizona for some time with the greater family. Her grandma lives in Phoenix, Arizona and who, due to age, cannot travel too far.  Megan couldn’t see herself taking the man of her dreams without her grandmother witnessing, was at the center of all this. Megan and Jacob decided to have their wedding in Arizona- in any case, who can say no to what winter Arizona and the wedding planners in the State offer!

Let’s get back to the wedding proper. It is quite hard to find any fault in this beautifully crafted wedding. The overall organization and styling was molded by Apropos Creations with the flower design touch offered by the lovely Rosie.  The couple and the maids adorned purple and teal attire which was the theme chosen for the main spaces. Chandler, Arizona, has some of the beautiful venues to host weddings and ceremonies of diverse dimensions. For this matrimony, Noah’s Event Venue provided what they always do- customization options. With all the vendor collaboration, the guys achieved what they love to-magnificence. To capture the nuptial, the ever reliable and awesome girls from DePoy Studios gave us the amazing shots from the long, medium, side and close-up ranges. Of course it wasn’t over until the Arizona Taste Catering offered a ‘tasty catering service’ to the guests who turned up in their best styles. (Disclaimer: Sometimes I talk too much. Click here to check out more of the shots, as captured by Deloris and Cristina and make an opinion of your own).