“Oh, they say when you marry in June,
You’re a bride all your life.

And the bridegroom who marries in June
Gets a sweetheart for a wife.”

An excerpt from the song June Bride in the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Why is June such a popular month to get married everywhere else besides Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the other cities in Arizona?  Here are a few ideas of why this month is so popular…

  • During medieval times a person’s annual bath usually fell in May or June, meaning that June brides still smelled relatively fresh.  The brides would have smelled more pleasant then than before but just to be safe, brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide their body odor.  Hence the custom of carrying a bouquet when walking down the aisle.
  • Per almanac.com, June is still the most popular month to marry, followed by August, July, May, and September. The goddess Juno was the protector of women in all aspects of life, but especially in marriage and childbearing, so a wedding in Juno’s month was considered most auspicious.
  • Back in the harvesting days, brides and grooms chose to marry to follow their peak harvest time. Having the wedding in June result that a summer pregnancy probability would still be early enough in the season that a wife could help out with manual work during that year’s harvest season. It also meant that after a Spring birth, the recovered bride would be in good enough health to assist in the next year’s harvest.

Are you getting married in June?  Share the reason behind your decision.  We would love to hear it!

And congratulations!!!  You will always be a Bride.  🙂

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Depoy Studios; Jessica Q Photography; Photos by Mary