Having geodes and agates will surely deliver this look to the overall vision of the wedding and / or event.Many brides would love to have a more glam, more glitz, and all at the same time a natural wedding.  Having these at weddings have been a trend for about a year now but has not quite picked up and we predict it will by the end of the year.

A little bit about geodes and agates, they are not just your plain rock and stone.  Geode is a rock that contains a cavity lined with crystals and other mineral matter.  Agate on the other hand, is a stone consisting of a hard variety of chalcedony, typically banded in appearance.

We consider ourselves lucky being an event and wedding planner based in the Grand Canyon State, Arizona where the land is rich with said rocks and stones as well as turquoise due to the nearby Native American reservation lands.  We also have the red rocks of Sedona and of course, the petrified forest where brides and grooms all over the country and the world, decide to have their destination weddings and events.

There are just so many ways to incorporate geodes and agates to your big day.

Incorporating these gems in Hindu weddings may not be traditional but can most certainly add more elegance and luxurious feel to the reception.  From the Sangeet/Mehandi to the reception area where candle holders and table numbers carved from these stones create a celebratory atmosphere. Geodes can make really good Diya-holders (Indian style candles) and centers for rangolis. Since most of the Southeast Asian weddings occur outside, on the beach or close to nature, incorporating agate and Geode into such wedding will definitely be worth the effort.

Besides, it’s every woman’s dream to have a fairy tale wedding; a memory they would carry every day of their lives. Luckily, beings close to nature happens to be a feature in these dreams. Including agate and Geode in your decor is the latest trend in making your dream come true. A happy bride equals a happy wedding.

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