5 Ways to Stay Sane During Your Wedding Planning 
by Jo Ann M. Grant, wedding & event architect, Apropos Creations
A bride should never have to say, “Thank goodness, this wedding is over.”  However overwhelming the planning can be, all brides should enjoy the process.  As someone who has been married, helped out closely with the weddings of family and friends, and who has been running a wedding planning business for the past 3 years, I have been able to see first-hand many of the stressful episodes that couples can encounter.
Stress unfortunately comes to our lives quite easily, just sneaks in and bam! we’re stressed.  What we do at Apropos Creations is take the stress away and help you obtain peace of mind throughout your journey to your wedding day.  We also compiled 5 ways so you don’t go crazy with your planning…  We hope this will help you avoid getting too stressed.  🙂
Just imagine, this can be you…

5 .    Keep Things In Perspective.  Enjoy your wedding planning process because if you don’t, this dream wedding will become a mental weight, it’ll become work and you don’t want that to happen.  We all know that planning is very stressful, this is wedding planning, your wedding, not just your girlfriend’s or your sister’s and it’s not just any other social events either but you have to remember the larger things in life.  If something doesn’t go right, you would still be marrying the love of your life.  And that’s what matters, that’s what’s important.

4.     Stay Organized.  I can go on forever telling you what you need to do to stay organized but I’ll give you the cliff note:)…  Purchase a wedding planning workbook in which we offer, or create your own.  Make sure that you have dividers with the tabs and label them accordingly for vendors, contracts, inspirations, and all other documents.  This way you  know where to put it and you know where to find it.

3.     Take Some Wedding Planning Time Off.  This is a must!!!  However excited or frustrated you may be with your upcoming special day, have a date night and anything about your wedding is moratorium.  Enjoy one another and remember how important you both are to each other.  Have a bottle of wine with home cooked dinner or go out for dinner and whichever way you do it, I will say it again, enjoy one another!

2.     Ask For Help.  Your resources are within arms reach, personally (friends, family, coworkers) and professionally (vendors).  Hire a wedding planner and find one that understands you, one who offers services that includes the tasks that you need done and that will direct your rehearsal and give you peace of mind on your wedding day.  Just hand all the day’s details over because you have much more important and funner things to do like get your hair done with your girls or visit your favorite spa and get a massage.

1.     Enjoy Your Wedding Day.  Take a deep breath, this is the big day, the day you have been planning and waiting for, your wedding day!  Hand off everything to your trusted vendors and of course, your wedding planner will be present to make sure that your vision is delivered.  If details fall apart, your planner will handle it with expertise (we do 12 ti 15 weddings a year).  Let us take care of the details while you sit back and enjoy your wedding day as the new Mr. and Mrs.