5 Ways to Have Fun During Your Wedding Planning 
by Jo Ann M. Grant, wedding & event architect, Apropos Creations

You’ve had it…  You’re all stressed out and completely overwhelmed with all the details of planning your wedding.  As soon as you check off one item on your task list, you add five more.  Just smile, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.  You’re only going to go through this once in your life but here are 5 ways to make it enjoyable and of course, you can always give us a call because we will provide you with a stress free journey to your wedding day.  🙂

  1. Have a choreographed first dance by a professional dance instructor.  To do a first husband and wife public performance, you create a lasting impression to yourselves and your guests, also, will make a good showing to your children and your children’s children.  And you never know, you may be so inspired that you’ll be on Dancing With The Stars.  A few of the local valley instructors are:  Dance With Chad, Fred Astaire Dance Studio, and Dance FX Studios.  If this is something out of your budget, I suggest to search on YouTube and look for the dance move that is right for you and your fiance.  Another surprise element for your guests is to have a wedding flash mob.
  2. Plan your honeymoon together.  Pick places (limit it to three, maximum of five) where you would like to go without telling each other, then compare notes.  Create an inspiration board of each place, write a few reasons why you should have your honeymoon there and please consider the travel time, number of days staying, and the cost.  This will help you with the elimination process.  If both of you have a common one, that maybe the location for you.  If you have two or more, write the pros and cons and go from there.  Remember to add the excursions, research restaurants, and of course, the kind of night life that you want.  With the extensive information that needs to be gathered, I always advise my clients to look into having a travel agent since they have the resources right in the palm of their hands.  One of the trusted, local travel agents I go to is Mission Travel, LLC and if you are doing it yourself, I find TripAdvisor full of wonderful information.
  3. Visit a lounge bar or a club to listen to your potential ceremony and/ or reception entertainer for your wedding and while you’re at it, make a date night out of it.  If the DJ makes you want to be on the dance floor, he just may be your DJ on your special day.  If you’re still shopping around for one and happen to be out one night and hear good music, I’d suggest to approach that DJ or musician and get their contact information but don’t inquire about his work there. It will be better to conduct your business at a quiet environment where are the only one who has his/her attention.  Just a few names of entertainers that we’ve worked with:  Curtis Whipple, Desert House Productions, Got You Covered, Ray the DJ, In The Mix Entertainment, AZ Celebrity DJ, Rhythm FX, Miguel De Maria, Ocotillo Music
  4.  You have a favorite drink every time you go out, right?  Why not have a hosted signature drink instead of having an open bar?  This will also cut down on your wedding expense.  Your choice of drink is not quite what you want for your wedding?  Get dressed and grab your bag or wallet and head out to your local grocery or liquor store like BevMo or TotalWine.  Purchase a few mixers, spirits of your choice, maybe some garnishments like dried hibiscus flowers ( you can get this at your local Sprouts Farmers Market , located at the there bulk spice area), mint leaves, or fruit slices.  When you get home, start concocting drinks and be a chemist like my husband.  🙂  Explore the variety of drinks you’re creating, take notes, make adjustments and make a vote.  This will definitely help you make a decision on having just an open bar or a personalized signature drink.  Our favorite valley bartender for all events is Pour Masters and if you call them, please let Dave know I said hello.
  5.  The #5 way to have fun during your wedding planning (insert drumroll here)…  As I mentioned before, take a wedding planning time out, either go out or dine in with candlelights, a bottle of vino, and soft music playing in the background (yes, I’m a hopeless romantic).  Oh, remember to call your baker to order a little something for dessert and serve that after dinner.  Then after the dessert is eaten, put on your first dance song and get your groove on, on your living room floor as if you’re dancing your first dance.  And yes, still no wedding talk and yes, you’re practicing your first dance.  Just choose a night to do this and make it romantic for the two of you!

Natalie and Brett

Natalie & Brett having fun during their engagement session

Photo by Reeves Photography

Please remember, above all these, to cherish this moment because this only happens once in a lifetime!!!

coordinately yours…

-jo ann-

Apropos Creations.com

-to create this moment to treasure throughout time-

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