With all my Facebook friends sharing unknown facts about themselves to the Facebook world, I must say, I have resisted liking anyone’s facts.  Although, I found it very, very refreshing to know a little bit more about them.  Having resisted but yet  thinking of facts about me that no one really knows about, I came up with blogging it and sharing it to the internet world.  🙂

Before I delve into what you don’t know about me, I want you to know about 5 things that you should know about me…

  1. I am very much blessed having the family that I have.  From my husband, to my son, my parents, although they are divorced, and my siblings, all six of them!!!  We’ve come to accept each other and grow together.  We’re not just stuck to one another because we happen to be family, not the case at all.
  2. I love sports, well, just football and basketball.  I am an avid Steelers fan and a Lakers fan, if you haven’t noticed.
  3. I love my wine, especially Pinot Noir.  Christmas is coming, hint, hint.  🙂
  4. I am an adrenaline junkie which explains why I do what I do and love doing it.  I love being a wedding planner.  I love putting things together, thoroughly planning weddings and events from beginning to the end.  I love meeting new loves, love meeting new people to work with, and the bottom line, the whole environment is very happy and I love being around happy people.
  5. I’m always smiling.  If you haven’t seen me cry or get mad, that’s because you’re not my husband or my son.  🙂  Smiling is just so contagious.  I love giving it especially when I see someone who may look irritated.  I smile at them, they smile back and it makes the whole surrounding different, uplifting.  They may not have been irritated but no one really knows but themselves so I am taking my own interpretation and run with it.

Okay, here we go, 5 things majority of you don’t know about me…

  1. I came to the US of A back in 1986 with my younger sister.  We flew 12 maybe 14 hours all by ourselves and crossed that big ocean and landed in LALA land where we, my sister and I, were greeted by my dad and his family which is of course, my family as well.
  2. #1 should tell why I am a Lakers fan, and yes, I was at one point in time a Raiders fan as well.  That changed when my husband and I moved in together in 1994.  Steelers and Cowboys Superbowl in Tempe, AZ, we were living in San Jose, CA.  All I can tell you is what a way to change teams when Steelers QB threw an interception right to a Cowboys defender.  My ultimate memory when I changed teams.
  3. I had a liver resection eight years ago.  Very long story, Cliff Note, found out blood cells were all jacked up, more blood work next CT Scan, then found a tumor in my liver the size of a tennis ball.  Got it out, and it was benign.  My everyday reminder is a big frown on my stomach from the surgery.  Like my husband had said in the past, I would rather have that scar on you than not have you around.
  4. I was a dancer in my other life.  I love to dance, I can ballroom dance with no problem.  The only problem is that I have a hard time being lead.  I always typically take the lead, I hear trust issues here.  LOL!  Growing up back home in the Philippines, our P.E. class also consisted of folk dancing which included all the old school moves like Do-Si-Do, Change Steps, Chassay, etc.  We also learned waltz, cha cha, but not the tango.  🙁  On my wedding day, my husband and I had our first dance choreographed and it was Salsa.  So much fun!
  5. Okay, all serious now, before becoming a wedding and event planner, I was working full time in the corporate world as an accountant.  I was in that industry for almost 20 years.  That’s a very, very long time, I didn’t even realize that!!!  Crazy!  So growing up in a very social environment and being an accountant for a very long time, turned out to be great ingredients to becoming a wedding planner.

There’s your 5.  I hope that you enjoyed learning a little bit about me and trust me, there is just soooo much more to tell but not appropriate to blast to the whole internet world.  We may just have to sit down one day with a bottle of pinot.  🙂

To all who have shared their unknown facts in Facebook, thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself.

coordinately yours…

-jo ann-

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